David was a ComputerScience major who died with the Class of 2009. He lived in EastDorm for his freshman year, but then meandered around the outer dorms with SuiteBetrayal for the remainder of his career at Mudd, at first because of RoomDraw craziness but then because the rooms are way nicer. He then moved on to a Masters degree at BrownUniversity?, and is now in Seattle, working for AmazonDotCom?.

He was President of GameSHMC for its first two years, mostly letting TrevinMurakami do the work, except when he organized and ran a game of Assassins in a fit of organization that he will probably never repeat (though anyone who wants advice on organizing another should feel free to contact him). Also was the storyteller for the ItrGames for 3 years, succeeding in not driving an important EastDorm tradition straight into the ground, something of which he is still proud. He also found time to engage himself as a CrackWhore, despite not being particularly good at any of the games he enjoyed.

David, with the help of NancyEisenmenger, created the page NerdyThingsThatAreSexy. He blames sleep dep.

Brief participant in TheCanadianRunThrough.

Also the only known man to donkey punch a Unicorn.

Was teammates with ProfessorSahakian in a game of DeathChess in Spring 2009.

Alright, enough with the third person. I'll add other things as I feel like it, and as inspiration comes. Feel free to write things here, or anywhere else (Federal, State, and Local laws apply).

Spring 2009 Schedule:
 MATH104HM  STILL following the longest path.                                 T R     13:15-14:30    ProfessorTucker?
 MATH157HM  The things I do to vaguely keep alive the idea of doing OR       M W F    11:00-11:50    Professor Martonosi
 HIST110FPO Schedule Padding OR Europeans killing each other                  T R     14:45-16:00    ProfessorKates?
 GRMT114SC  Learning how to plot crimes.  No, really.                        M W      13:15-14:30    ProfessorKatz?
 CSCI184HM  Hoping against hope that I keep having an awesome clinic          T       11:00-11:50    ProfessorKeller / 
 CSCI196HM  Dashing back to Mudd for cookies and lectures                       R     16:15-17:15    ProfessorSweedyk
 FUCK999HM  Being in denial about the fact that I'm about to graduate       SMTWRFS   0:00-23:59     ProfessorLife?
 CRAK840HM  Flex the power while you got it                                      F    0:00-4:00      ProfessorMayor?

Fall 2008 Schedule:

 CSCI142HM I have a weakness, I'm addicted to Completeness                   M W     16:15-17:30    ProfessorRan
 CSCI183HM Serving the man for no fun or profit                               T      11:00-12:00    ProfessorKeller
 MATH131SC I could take Analysis on Mudd...but I'm lazy                       T R    13:15-14:30    ProfessorOu?
 PSYC053HM I'm in ur thoughts, interpreting ur actions                       M W     13:15-14:30    ProfessorMashek
 CSCI195HM Hopefully not learning how to be a computer athlete anymore          R    16:15-17:30    ProfessorONeill
 ECON197HM I'm in a mini class with Prag; I might explode with joy           Arr     I'm a pirate   ProfessorPrag
 HELL666HM Realizing I'm about to leave Mudd and doing MORE applications    SMTWRFS  0:00-23:59     ProfessorGradSchool?
 CRAK042HM I swear officer, I'm not training an armed rebellion                   S   0:00-4:00     ProfessorMayor?

Spring 2008 Schedule:

 CSCI131HM Because I couldn't put it off forever                             M W     13:15-14:30    ProfessorStone
 CSCI154HM Even I can go against my anti-hardware nature for Prof Dodds       T R     9:35-10:50    ProfessorDodds
 GRMT134PO Hopefully doing distro 1 with minimum pain                         T R    13:15-14:30    ProfessorKronenburg?
 ECON101CM Econ I didn't learn in high school?  Scary                        M W     14:45-16:00    ProfessorBjerk?
 CSCI194HM Free cookies, soda, and mildly interesting lectures                  R    16:15-17:30    ProfessorSweedyk
 IE  179HM Professor Prag teaches it -> I must take it                        T R    14:45-16:00    ProfessorPrag
 MATH196HM Capturing terrorists for fun and research                          Arr    Arr            ProfessorMartonosi
 CRAK007HM Mass slaughter and lots of remorse for fun and profit                  S   0:00-4:00     ProfessorMayor?

Fall 2007 Schedule:

 CSCI140HM Forever searching for the longest path                    M W     14:45-16:00    ProfessorPippenger
 MATH178HM Thwarting Terrorism and other such Applied Math            T R    14:45-16:00    ProfessorMartonosi
 PHIL179HM Applying the Free Market to Every Moral Argument          M W     13:15-14:30    ProfessorWright
 PHYS051HM Why I Will Be Cutting Myself 4 Days A Week                 T R     9:35-10:50    ProfessorSahakian 
                                                                     M W     10:00-10:50    ProfessorSparks
 ECON051PO Because my world would be sad without Econ                 T R    13:15-14:30    ProfessorSlavov?
 CSCI193HM Damn zero-credit required classes                            R    16:15-17:30    ProfessorONeill
 PE001  JP So, about that PE Requirement...                          M W     11:00-11:50    ProfessorStaff
 CSCIG05HM Torturing frosh again!                                    M       18:30-20:30    ProfessorDodds
 ENGR666HM Working for Engineers because I hate me, apparently               Arr            FadyBishara?
 CRAK003HM Being the Sentinel, keeping watch in the night                F   21:00-0:00     ProfessorNightshade?
 CRAK007HM Being uncontested ruler of an imaginary, violent town          S  0:00-4:00      ProfessorMayor?

Template ganked from MartinPyne.


"If light is really, really nice, maybe Santa will give it a terminal velocity."

"Shit, I just gave God a crack addiction, didn't I?"

"I basically have a fleet fetish"

"But the point remains that the Laws of Physics are God's bastard children"

"I love comparing operating systems to sex."

"The point is, Hendrik, I don't want you going anywhere near my GirlFriend with a cheese grater"

"The next ITR games? They're at 2 in the morning. On Sunday. In the Village. With real daggers. See you there, Jay."

"If you're going to buy strippers, here's the debit card!"

"You just said the S-word. That's a three letter word around here Missy! ... four letter word. ... Fuck!" (where the S-word is Senior)

"I don't want you pooping in my fridge"

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