Death Chess is a game of skill and strategy. But not Sobriety.

Once he was determined, once he had focused on an object, the Prince was relentless. He never tired, never wavered, neither ate nor slept. It was DeathChess and he was international grand master. --The PrincessBride, pg. 64

Okay, I know I'm asking for it.......Is DeathChess ever getting played again?


Chess Rules:

  1. Teams consist of two players each. Three-on-three is not unknown, among the faint of liver.
  2. Each Death ChessPiece is a drink, weighted vaguely by chess values. Thus, stronger Death ChessPieces are, well, stronger.
  3. The time limit for each move is 4 minutes.
  4. If a team does not move in time, each player is charged one shot for the first minute, two more for the second minute, three more for the third minute, and so forth. Once they finally move, both clocks stop, and the stupid team must take their drinks. Then their opponents' clock begins.
  5. A move is finished after the Death ChessPiece has been moved and the player's hand has been taken off the Death ChessPiece.
  6. Upon the capture of a Death ChessPiece, it enters the drink queue.
  7. You cannot capture while a drink is in your queue.
  8. Victory does not occur until the checkmating team has drunk anything in their queue and has finished the king.

Drinking Rules:

  1. The referee may, at any time, excuse any player from any or all required drinks if he feels that such drinking may be medically dangerous. The team so excused immediately forfeits.
  2. No team may forfeit without drinking the board, except in regard to rule number 1.
  3. Designated drinkers are not allowed - one of the two partners must drink.
  4. In the event of a spill, the drink will be refilled.

This game has been played many times. The most famous of which were when ZekeBurgess? and MikeLane faced off against ProfessorBenjamin and ProfessorAarao during PatrisParty.

Guess who won?

It is not unknown for teams of upperclassmen to threaten to exchange ChessQueens early on in the game.

First ever AnnotatedDeathChessGame

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