MathMajor, LittleTiffany's girlfriend, and extreme nerd. Writes down a lot of quotes in her notes (see ProfessorCastro as a good example). Also provably cute and adorable.

Her descent into CrackWhoredom wa subtle at first, playing a bit of WarcraftIII, then an RPG or two. Then DuctTapeGuy got her into Angband, then ZAngBand, and now SAngBand, and at last she is revealed as a CrackWhore of the highest level by playing WorldOfWarcraft. Parents, don't let this happen to your children. Or do. It's awesome to behold.

"I don't think we should do prostitution by induction."

"There needs to be the Debbie in HappyvilleAndRandom?. Whenever Mike yells you have to go cower in a corner. And Mike should draw that card."

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