Violent, homeopathic crazed shooter/thrower/killer. I mean, have you seen his Facebook profile picture? (go look).

Plays Halo, D&D, Magic, Starcraft and board games. Mostly Dominon.

(Fall 2011) Is taking the seminar course for the NelsonLecture series for the International Year of Chemistry.

Often seen cuddling with KathleenSchaefer as they both try to win the RoommateChallenge.

Joint Chem/Bio? major taking too many CS courses.

Roommates with EricStucky Frosh and Soph year. No roomcest, despite those who desire a Storky.


"Which one? I have many holes." "I thought I was the one with the big... you know what, never mind." "But I got so annoyed that I took it off, threw it away, and haven't worn a thing on my body since."

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