Come on. How can you not love something with a name like that?

An annual event in which group of hapless FrOsh reads the entirety of Moby Dick aloud. It is rapidly becoming traditional for a group of EastiePersons to run in and disrupt it.

During fall 2001, a group of EastiePersons ran in with a large white whale drawn on butcher paper, and subsequently killed it using various implements of destruction. This allegedly caused demi-Professor Watkins to go on a rant about "those IRT people." It has since been determined that IRT stands for IncorrigibleRapscallionThugs, on which node this story is also told.

During fall 2000, StephGrush was reading at the DickAThon when she was suddenly surrounded by IncorrigibleRapscallionThugs and thralled by a vampire (and one bearing a strong resemblence to NickJohnson). The vampire and his followers filtered out quietly to preform more evil.

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