In the Spring of 2002, the following question appeared on Professor Levin's Discrete Midterm:

 BONUS (1 point): T/F  Kill Cal?

The masterminds of this were EliBogart, DanielKagan, and WillShipley, (and their parents), who concocted the prank around a table at Chili's during ParentsWeekend. Collaboration was also received from StephGrush and ConorMcNassar--not to mention the INCREDIBLE help we got from ProfessorLevin.

Good luck reversing that one ;-)

There's always, "Everybody go to sleep. Necromancer, head up, point to Cal." see QuantumMafia

I got SO lucky; I e-mailed Professor Levin about the prank Tuesday night, because I had a hunch that Wednesday during class would be too late. Sure enough: he'd printed out the test packets by classtime on Wednesday . . . but the question made it in. --WillShipley

The verdict is in!

T: 38

F: 12

Abstain: 3

Sorry to inform you, Cal . . . but you're dead.

One student voted yes because his sister goes to StanFord (not quite the Cal we had in mind, but hey . . .) That's my brother, actually - ChainMaille

One student voted yes to assist in balancing the section sizes. (how thoughtful . . .)

One student voted yes, stating that the question was vacuously true.

CalPierog himself, of course, voted yes (ProfessorLevin awarded him an extra point for bravery and resignment to his fate).

You're a vicious little bunch of people. --Prof Levin, upon noting results.

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