Ghost whose spirit refuses to depart. The prominent theory holds that there is unfinished business in relation to SleazyBurger. This unfinished business now appears to be finished (on that note, I suggest not eating there), and it remains to be seen if he'll stay gone.

The more proper name of he who is StevenVonderPorten.

Lives in LindeDorm 244. Room mate is AndrewKouzelos.

Two year and founding member of ShoweRingSuite.

Always out of his element. Enjoys bowling and watching TheBigLebowski?.

What are you talking about, i suck at bowling. - DonNy

A fine DonNy quote: "Who's in the tank?" Aurthur: "Me" ::BOOM:: ::laughter:: (HaLo)

Another DonNy quote: "How hungry ... Can you SEE!!???" (This occured after this fine chap consumed the alcohol supplies of WestDorm, NorthDorm, and ConorMcNassar. He doesn't recall the hour of HaLo we played.)

And again: "I have to drunk first"

(somewhat paraphrased, as it's from memory; feel free to correct me if you remember it better)

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