Dward! Is the barbeque ready yet?

Hell hungrily licking at East's warts...wait, I mean, er, um..."a weekend event for flinging cold food onto heated metal grill to make it not cold, and subsequent consumption of it all...a grey time, a frolicksome time". Yeah.

Every Saturday night, courtesy of TheHoch (previously Platt) and the BarbecueOssifers/BarbecueBarons?. As a result of TheCoronavirusExodusOf2020, there were no dorm BBQs from 2020-2022 (which made everybody sad). However, as of Fall 2022, there has been enough excitement generated about the prospect that the Dorm decided to elect some new BBQ Barons/Frosh? for the year of 2022-2023 (in the event that we don't actually get any cookouts, trust me, you'll get to do something).

The current BarbecueOssifer? is:

 2005-2006 PhilMiller 
 2006-2007 BenJencks
 2011-2012 PatrickMeehan and JakeLow
 2012-2013 AllisonMis, JustinBai and JtBooth
 2013-2014 ShannonWetzler and RossMawhorter
 2014-2015 AdamDunlap, MarinaKnittel, and ZachFriedlander. The election of MarinaKnittel transitioned the role of BarbecueOssifer? from SophoMore to FrOsh
 2015-2016 SaraMcAllister and MaggieGelber (CharlesDawson was DormBarbecue for the first semester but he abandoned us because track or something)
 2016-2017 AryaMassarat, AndrewMPham, HenryFetsch
 2017-2018 SydneyTowell, StephanieClifner, DylanSotir
 2018-2019 JoshCheung, WillGilroy, MarzBarnes
 2019-2020 AnirudhSatish, AdamBeckwith
 2022-2023 CarletonImbens, KaylaLong, LenaKryukova, ConnorNeely, AlySawyer, JoshZhong, JadynIinuma, AnanyaVenkatachalam


 * Close the cooler or the chicken box after you take food out. We don't like spoiled food.
 * Respect the veggie side and the veggie tongs.
 * Do not call the barbecue a grill or anything besides "barbecue"

Instructions for New BBQ Barons

There's 5 jobs: 1. Email dorm to tell people to sign up for barbeque. You can use the form that you can download here: https://hmc.formstack.com/forms/bbqrequest. Traditionally, we reuse the same submitted BBQ preferences week after week and send an email out each week reminding the dorm to un-sign up (or sign back up) if they want to. As of the 2016-2017 BBQ Frosh, this entire process has been automated (you can go [here] if you'd rather use the automated process). 2. Fill out that formstack and submit it BEFORE Tuesday at noon (but after people have had time to sign up). Or, if you're using the automated script, set it to resubmit every Tuesday. East generally has its barbecues on Saturdays. The comments should probably include asking for gluten-free quesadillas if needed. Also comments should include asking for ketchup, avocados (or people will be really sad), and extra quesadillas instead of chicken or hotdogs (as supported by a poll that went out in the 2015-2016 academic year), and plastic knives (sometimes you won't get these even if requested but they are nice for the cheese dorm cheese buys and for the avocados). Also, in the comment section it pays to put the requests nicely. 3. On Saturday at about 4:30 go to TheHoch and go to the East side near the office and pick up the barbecue (find a Hoch employee to talk to and fill out the check out form and stuff). It should have on it many things including
 * A cardboard box with plates/napkins/buns/fruit/CONDIMENTS
 * A plastic lemonade cooler thing
 * A spatula and tongs
 * Coals in the BBQ itself
 * Cooler with MEAT
 * Quesadillas (hopefully two packs)
 * Bacon
 * Burger fixin's (lettuce, tomatos, onions)
Once you have the barbecue, bring it back to east and put most of the food on the decorative plant table (take the wrappers off and put out the cups and plates and stuff if you're feeling nice). Take the top off the BBQ and swamp the coals with lighter fluid. Then, light up the coals with the lighter found above the dorm fridge (at least last year). Any extra lighter fluid can be squirted at the flames to make better flames but be careful if you decide to do this. Once the coals are pretty white, add the top of the BBQ and scream at the dorm to get their food and send an email. (the traditional yell is hey East, dorm BBQ where dorm BBQ is an adjective-noun pair). 4. Once the BBQ is cooled down and people don't want food, clean up. The fixin's and meat can be thrown away, fruit should be put on the bar in the lounge, quesadillas go in the lounge fridge. 5. On Sunday BEFORE NOON (appoint someone to wake up), take the BBQ back to TheHoch and leave it where you found it and find a Hoch employee and fill out the rest of the check-out form.

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