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Duties of the recyler

             A-1 Upland Recycling
             1248 W. Ninth Street

The larger goal of the recyler is to keep the dorm clean and waste-free. Be the one person in the dorm who worries about cleanliness and the environment so that others don't have to. Notice when things are messy or wasteful and fix them. Do this quietly and without complaint: the recyler is a humble servant. Get others to help you, but not by whining or ordering. Speak with your actions. "I'm going to clean the lounge this afternoon. Anyone who wants to help, feel free to stop by and lend a hand."

Stuff you can recycle in Blue Recycle Containers (Last updated: 9/15/2004)

Things That Were on this wiki node as recyclable but which I don't see in the flyer and hence cannot confirm

Stuff you can't recycle

Note: Hazardous Waste, large appliences, and some other things can't be thrown out either. For information on dealing with Hazardous waste go to [HHW-Website].

The CityOfClaremont? picks up Mudd's recycling (and the recycling of the other colleges as far as I know).

To ask the city of Claremont about recycling call: (909) 399-5431


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