AliLee decided that she wanted to try baking something in her toaster oven, so she and SarahFletcher walked to the store and came back with a variety of baking supplies and then had to decide what it was they wanted to bake. They decided to make chocolate chip cookies but did not really have a recipie, so they used google and then combined recipies until they had something that sounded reasonable. As they were making them they decided to add cocoa powder to half of the batch. That turned out to be a GoodIdea.


Mix the sugar together and then cream with the butter. Mix in the eggs and vanilla. Mix the remaining ingredients together (other than chocolate chips) in a seperate bowl and then mix them into the sugar mixture. Add more flour until it is the right consistency (about like PlayDoh? - the more flour you add the less they will spread). Stir in chocolate chips. Cook at 350 F, until they look done (about 6 minutes or so).

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