DoubleTheRatio Day is an idea suggested by a friend of mine at Caltech (where TheRatio is about the same as ours). Basically, it involves having a fun event (I'm thinking barbecue/pool party) here at Mudd and inviting the female population of Caltech, and them having similar fun stuff happen over on their campus for us to come play at.

This page is for discussion of the idea, and maybe actually making it happen, since I'd really like that.


Okay, so I'm going to try and raise interest in this event one more time, despite the fact that a 37% female frosh class suggests that perhaps TheRatio is becoming less of an issue at HarveyMuddCollege (maybe? I'd like to hear comments on that, too). Dear FunWiki readers: Please use the space below to describe whether you think you'd participate in an event like the one described above, why or why not, and make any other comments you can think of. Would you be willing to donate your meal card number? Give people rides? Help me organize this beast? This is all stuff I'd like to knoww. -TracyvanCort

A GoodIdea.
Uh, yeah. Girls. I know it's too late and all and that I already graduated... but Mudd can always use more girls. And Caltech girls might be fun? - KimEspinoza
DoubleTheRatio day is ForGirls. --KurtDresner representing possible claims by DustinBarnard
Can we steal the cannon while we're there? --MaryPeter

Only if you (whoever your inclusive second person plural pronoun refers to) do so in a very classy and cool and clever (i.e. not discussed in a public forum for anyone to find out about) way that doesn't get Mudd into a MetricBoatLoad of trouble. The latest word on pranking Caltech is that relations between them and Mudd are still a little strained since they paid for the damages done to their campus by a busload of Mudders...

Well, did the steal-the-Caltech-cannon-without-moving-it prank ever happen? If not, this would be a perfect opportunity...

Actually, wouldn't this be HalveTheRatio??

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