DuctTapeGuy (2002-2006). RIP. Don't think you've seen the last of him yet though, FrOsh.

 Email: prions48@gmail.com
 BirthDay: During the summer, so nyah

Also known as AlejoEnriquez, DuctTapeGuy was a four-year Eastie (though two of those were third floor and the last two, oddly, were zeroth floor). In his time he was associated with SuiteVengeance and a member of WankSuite. He is a BioMajor, plays DDR a lot, plays a lot of computer games (ZAngBand, WoW, etc) and was for years a regular at the ItrGames. His habits of making things out of duct tape have largely passed into memory, though he still retains the crafting skills.

During his freshman year, Alejo would have a perfect candidate for the AngbandAndPuritySuite, having beaten Angband multiple times and gotten around a 98.5 (!!!!) on the PurityTest. His sophomore year, however, ZAngBand and DebbieBerg ruined that for him entirely, not that he's complaining. He moved through the required BitterUpperClassman stage, and is now a cantankerous alum.

Alejo DM'd, from start to finish, an epic saga known as the WorstExaltedCampaignEver. A touching story of a group of adventurers who became way more powerful than they had any right to be. Versus the Zerg. It was awesome.

Taught an immunology class while a senior. It was an utter success, and looks great on applications.


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I am no longer editing this page. Continuous updates (such as to the humorous schedule) will be displayed on the wiki at my personal site at http://www.prionspace.net


It's shooting up like a rock!

"Debbie, if math were sex you'd have the dirtiest mind EVER." --Gives new meaning to being a MATH major, eh?

While in WankSuite, listening to StephenYu's losing: This place is one big nonstop lose party, and everyone's invited. Except Onyxia [WorldOfWarcraft's first superboss]. And possibly ProfessorSahakian

On *NIX root and nonroot users: See, if you accidentally tell the computer to delete a number of critical files as yourself, it'll be like "permission denied." But if you tell it to delete critical files as the root it'll just be like "YES, MY MASTER!!"

 ProfessorErlinger: So are there network plugs in the outdoor classroom [at BFS ]?
 DuctTapeGuy: Don't think so.  There's power, but I didn't see any network plugs...
 ProfessorErlinger: Well I know there's power, but is there any kind of internet connection?
 DuctTapeGuy: Well, there's running water!  Which is LIKE an internet connection....

Sodium Borohydride is equivalent to H-. Lithium aluminum hydride is H- .... with a battleaxe.


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