During the summer of 2003, LoriThomas pranked JeffBrenion by flipping one penny in his room - and then leaving a note telling Jeff he had been pranked and watching him go insane trying to figure out what had been changed.

When Jeff found out about this, he decided that a counterprank was in order. Unfortunately, Jeff was somewhat lacking both in manpower and creativity, both important ingredients for a really good prank. Eventually, he settled for duct taping the phrase "STAND HERE" onto Lori's floor, along with a large X. This was considered vaguely amusing.

Later, as an alternative to starting on the grading for summer math, Jeff decided to pull up some of the letters and rearrange them to spell out a new phrase. He then left a note on Lori's door, telling her that he had removed the old prank and replaced it with a haste spell (from DungeonsAndDragons), for use as needed. The new layout, coincidentally, was "HASTE NERD". For the next few weeks, Jeff occasionally rearranged the duct taped letters on Lori's floor, each time including a note on her door to let her know that he had changed the spell, as well as some reasoning for doing so. The prank became more amusing, not because it was particularly large or flashy, but because Jeff managed to keep it going for close to (if not more than) a month.

At least, this is what Jeff thought about the whole thing. Lori may feel differently.

The phrases and their associated spells are:

 STAND HERE   (original prank)
 HASTE NERD   (haste, as an apology for the prank)
 DARN THESE   (mending, since Jeff's socks needed to be repaired)
 SEND HEART   (Rary's telepathic bond, to help save on phone bills)
 ENDS EARTH   (some really nasty epic spell... never quite sure why it was installed)
 TEND HARES   (animal friendship, as part of a request for help with Victoria's bunnies)
 THREE DANS   (clone, since Jeff was bored and wanted Dan around, but didn't want his parents to worry.
               Lizzie gets the third one.)
 RESET HAND   (cure serious wounds for those nasty bumps and scrapes, somewhat mistargeted)
 RENT HADES   (plane shift, to book summer lodgings in the hottest new vacation spot)
 STAND HERE   (reset to the original)

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