The EastDormCalendar, created by JonahRubin in the winter break of 2018-2019, is a Google calendar that automatically finds emails sent to EastDormSchmack with subject lines of the following form: Any such e-mail will be captured by the system and automatically put on the calendar.



Maintenance: Hello, traveller. If you are reading this, I, JonahRubin, have passed this infrastructure on to you. Or, you're just reading this for fun. Either way, I'm so sorry. Anyhow, EDC/LoRCA? consists of 2 components: a google script and a gmail configuration.

1. It turns out that Google doesn't give you the ability to run a script whenever you get an email. Instead, we get to hack. Create a new gmail rule on your account. Whenever a new email arrives from east-dorm-chat-l or whatever, star it and give it a new tag. I used the tag "AwaitingLoungeResProcessing?."

2. Now bring up the script: https://script.google.com/a/g.hmc.edu/d/1tA_mK9JSQG4voF-SgR82egMJC21ur6Z6KQz7DWbumyhEVrHOzaKlaT7Z/

If you can't access it, then god help you. Find someone older than you and yell at them. It probably won't help, but at least you'll feel better. Or blame stumpy. It's probably its fault somehow anyway.

3. The script should belong to someone. Hopefully it's you. If it's you, you should be able to set a trigger for the script. Make sure it executes the scanEmails() function, once every 10 minutes or so.

4. Now just check that all the variables are set correctly. The tag on line 10 should be the name of the tag you created. Set the variable autoNotify on line 2 to false if you don't want to send out notifications.

5. You're done! (hopefully)

This is the part where I'd tell you how this system works. Thing is, it's garbage. There are so many shitty regex's here that it's genuinely horrifying. There's comments. Good luck!

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