Note: This should technically be East Dorm Creature/Creachur?, but the page was made before the position was generalized.

The very important (optional) position of a pet who Easties can congregate around. Avalon Feilier began the tradition in the 2021-2022 school year by offering "Pawffice Hours" with their cat DaNte, where they'd take Dante to the Frosh Pit so he could get some time outside while adoring people could pet him. Pawffice Hours were extremely popular- in fact, they were so popular that a substantial number of Easties requested the position appear again in the future.

The position is technically a DormOssifer (since people will probably want to visit your animal(s))- the only reason to sign up for it is for other people to spend quality time with friends' pets.

Previous East Dorm Creatures:

 2021-2022: DaNte; AvalonFeiler
 2022-2023: Sparrow; KaiRajesh

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