Maintainer of the clocks in EastLounge.

While today our motto is DormMotto, the clocks were put up back in the days when East's motto was still "Time will pass. Will you?"

From 2022-2023, the FrOsh were so excited about the prospect of being East Dorm Clocks that not one, not two, not three, but six of them volunteered. This led to a slight conflict of interest since there is generally supposed to be one Clock. To resolve it, they decided each of them would be in charge of two hours per day: Kavi took 12 and 6, Kayla took 1 and 7, Lena took 2 and 8, Connor took 3 and 9, Aly took 4 to 10, and Carleton took 5 to 11. Now, how exactly that works is beyond most of us Easties, but they seem to have it covered. As overenthusiastic FrOsh, they will gladly tell you the time of day to the second- with the accuracy of the lounge clocks (that is to say, almost none).

Previous EastDormClocks:

 2015-2016: Jozi? (Unknown to me. Pls edit if you know)
 2016-2017: RenataParamastri
 2017-2018: LilyFriedberg
 2018-2019: EricChavez
 2019-2020: NickGrisanti
 2022-2023: KaviDey, KaylaLong, LenaKryukova, AlySawyer, ConnorNeely, and CarletonImbens

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