It was September 1st, 2022. The FrOsh and Sophs were hanging around the lounge, or helping clean it. And then the inevitable was discovered-- the old EastDormClock batteries had become corroded. Such a travesty, the things we love the most leave us so soon, and the batteries are only the demonstration of the passage of time in the way the clocks are not (they just kind of keep going). LenaKryukova, who was thoroughly scrubbing the floor of all evidence, pondered aloud how one would dispose of the corroded batteries. The Easties couldn't just throw the battery in the trash, since it might leak and wreak havoc on the population. BritneyBaez? suggested maybe one make a trek to Keck to put the batteries in a hazardous waste disposal, but since it was a very hot day (about 102 degrees farenheit/75 degrees celsius/349 Kelvin), nobody wanted to do that. Oh dear, what were they all to do?!

With stunning bravery, AliciaLuo volunteered her trash can to be the designated receptacle for corroded batteries. The whole Lounge was in awe-- how fantastic! How daring! The bin was commemorated with a special tape and sharpie logo, and put on top of the newly-assembled shelves alongside the Dorm's poster of The Room. It was truly the elevation the battery receptacle deserved. Cheers and celebration abounded.

Thus, for the year of 2022, East Dorm Corroded Batteries Cleaner was born. There was a brief crisis of legitimacy during the first Dorm Meeting of 2022 (LenaKryukova wanted the position but Alicia had been voted in), so technically both Alicia and Lena are Corroded Batteries Cleaners.

(Note: I wrote this while sleep deprived and instead of doing Stat Mech homework. And in case you think I am exaggerating how thrilling we all found this, trust me, I'm not. It'll end up in the yearbook - EllenFerranto, DormHistorian)

From left to right, AliciaLuo and LenaKryukova. ZoeWorrall is taking a photo.

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