In April 2023, a rat was found climbing the curtains of EastDormLounge. AlySawyer and LiloRyan promptly left, and F&M set out a trap for him the day after he was found. However, NickGrisanti reports hearing periodic scuttling around the lounge the night after the trap was set, so he lives on. With no East Dorm Cage, AliciaLuo joked he could live in the broken and empty lounge vending machine. Thus, JadynIinuma looked up signs on houses and labeled the vending machine as Crumpets’s home.

While watching a man get crowned lord of the universe (over six people in the room) in Star Trek: the Original Series episode 69, the Easties asked who the lord of the lounge was. The consensus was LoungeSnorlax was Lord of the Lounge, and Crumpets was dubbed Vice President to Lord Lumpy of the Lounge.

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