The East Dorm Entrance Exam: by MattKeeter, MichaelNoback, TimNguyen, ChrisFerguson, SabreenLakhani, MadeleineOng

1. It's a ____ ! (fill in the blank)

2. It doesn't make a bit of difference. The _____ are _____! (fill in the blanks)

3. Are you a CS major? 3a) If you answered Yes to 3, do you have facial hair? If no, change your answer to 3 to No. 3b) If you answered No to 3, do you have facial hair? If yes, change your answer to 3 to Yes.

4. Do you like weapons?

5. How about fire?

6. Which one do you like more?

7. What is your power level?

8. Is the StumpyChallenge a GoodIdea or a BadIdea?

9. How many movies should be shown in the lounge per week?

10. Who do you play in Super Smash Brothers Melee?

11. If you're playing the right player on Fnord, which direction can you not travel?

12. What is your favorite flavor of Italian Cream Soda?

13. How many minutes in advance must a Lounge Res be placed?

14. Do you know who else placed a Lounge Res in advance? That's right, ______ (fill in the blank).

15. Which is the best button on the soda machine? Is this button a trap?

16. Fuck yeah, _______ (fill in the blank)

17. What is Rule 34? Does it apply to this quiz?

18. Start a flamewar on Schmack. Report back when you've received at least 15 angry replies.

19. "Damn it, Link just creamed me." Who said this? (grammatical incorrectness is expected in your answer)

20. What is Rule #1?

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