Apperently this is the official name for the sloped lawn region made famous for being the region of migration between EastDorm and Cube's car? . This name became official at the Board of Trustees Physical Plant and Planning commitee meeting on June 6, 2001 when all the trustee type people and administrators like PresidentStraus? and DeanJean? all started refering to it as such when discussing landscaping changes to the college. (Incidently, the committee decided to keep the knoll grassy even though most of the rest of the outlying grass regions surrounding HarveyMuddCollege are being altered to "Natural foilage").

Also a very good place for SlipAndSlideAnywhere.

Not to be confused with the EastDormGrassyGnoll?, the bane of Munchkin and AngBand players everywhere.

Duck! Duck!

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