A no-holds-barred mailing list that spun off from east-dorm-l in the 1998-1999 school year in what we shall dub TheLumberIncident.

KimEspinoza was the original creator of the list which has since moved on to be managed by JohnWalseth.

And here is a listing of every email sent to schmack.

1. Lumber 2. Re: lumber ... no, I'm only kidding.

No, HERE ( http://hermes.st.hmc.edu/lists/ ) is a list of every email ever sent to schmack!!

NO, HERE ( http://hespera.st.hmc.edu/lists/ ) is a list of every email ever sent to schmack!!!

NO, NOT THERE!!!! (RobAdams graduated; the archives will get a new home next year)

Currently http://corinth.st.hmc.edu/east-dorm-chat/. Only accessible from on-campus.

NO, NO, NO! NOT THERE EITHER!!!!!!! (MichaelVrable graduated. JonathanBeall should have the archives now, location unknown.)

Hmm... that reminds me. CubeSchnaider, who has every schmack e-mail archived, was going to release schmack statistics at some point. Whose sent how many schack, stuff like that. I want my schmack statistics!

He can't possibly have them all unless Ari forwarded the initial ones to him... because I sure didn't. - KimEspinoza

Well, he can probably get his hands on the archives... but I didn't forward him the first ones either. - AriNieh

Here is the first known flame war on schmack. It was between the two subscribers, KimEspinoza and her EvilTwin?.

 Date: Tue, 26 Jan 1999 15:42:39 -0800 (PST)
 From: Ari P Nieh <anieh@orion.ac.hmc.edu>
 To: east-dorm-chat-l@hmc.edu
 Subject: Re: your mail

 On Tue, 26 Jan 1999, Dr. ESP wrote:

 > hey ARI, you are a freak.

 Flattery will get you nowhere.

In that case, I want my schmack statistics, too! - KimEspinoza
This is possibly my favorite e-mail that I've ever seen on shmack. On second thought, it's a bit long, so I'll make a page for it... feel free to link to it (Ari): -NateCappallo

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