Ok everyone, we know you're all using the wiki an insane amount of time. If we create whiteboard spaces on our homepages and also link to a dorm whiteboard, then we can check messages for the dorm in general or for us personally on the WikiWikiWeb.

This could also be a good page to bookmark as your link to FunWiki.


I GOT A LETTER FROM MY FRIEND MATHIEU!!!!! This is really good news, even if none of you care, so you all have to hear me gloat about it! -TracyvanCort

Ninja Jigglypuff was here! Puff! ...Oh, and Ninja Jigglypuff would appreciate a hug, if anyone happens to be listening. - Ninja Jigglypuff, who may or may not be JeffBrenion. Puff.

WUZZA-POKE! ~WuZZle Prime (more commonly known as SeleneTan)

Individuals' Whiteboards:

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