EastLibrary exists on the bookshelves in the lounge. Books with a shiny gold sticker on the spine belong to EastDorm. It is safe to assume that everything else is someone's personal property that they have generously decided to make available, so remember to be careful with it. If you'd like to borrow a book by removing it from the lounge, please sign it out on the sign-out sheet. Happy reading!
If we had money to buy a book or two, is there any book or books you would like to see in the library enough that you would find it worth the expenditure of dorm funds?

At some point we should do something with books in the cases where we have more duplicates than there is demand or shelf space for. If you have any suggestions of what would be the best way to go about culling so that culled books are dealt with fairly and well and no books are culled that people would not want culled. Please comment.

Coming soon: a card catalog!

Coming never: a Tome of Eternal Darkness! This can't be happening! Ah, but it has.

2004-2005 Book Monkeys: LoriThomas, KatieLewis, ArthurHall (Fall semester only)

2003-2004 Book Monkeys: LauraKanofsky, LoriThomas, MeghanDriscoll?, KatieLewis

2002-2003 Book Monkeys: LauraKanofsky and LoriThomas

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