There is usually a large number of EastiePeople who opt to stay at Mudd rather than go home for Thanksgiving. Since people like large feasts (and the dining hall closes for Thanksgiving), the EastieThanksgiving is organized. In SarahFletcher's experience, this involves taking over every kitchen we have access to (South, Linde, Case, any SontagSuite?s we have connections with, any Scripps kitchens), cooking most of the day, and then having a large feast in the late afternoon/evening. It is a wonderful social event - and also generally produces sufficient leftovers to feed people for the rest of the break.

It's assumed that everyone knows its held in the Linde Lounge. However, you should still talk to the LindeDorme presidents and officially get their permission.

For organizers, there are some notes at EastieThanksgiving/Organization

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