This page is being started by SarahFletcher. She likes cooking, especialy baking. As a result she has been put in charge of pie and roll creation by Morgan. It seemes to her that the wiki node created for the organization of TrickOrCheese was a good idea and that having one for the organization of the EastieThankgiving? feast might be useful and Morgan agreed. However, she is a FrOsh and thus has not yet attended an EastieThanksgiving and is not entirely certain of everything that needs to be on this page.

The meal ended up providing tasty shoulders all through out break, and costing $15 each for the 23 people attending.

People Attending East Thanksgiving

(Food They are in charge of) (23 People)

Food Items to be prepared

Main Dishes

Side Things


People with Useful Things

Ingredient List (For food buying)

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