Joint effort this year between East and Sontag!!

Continuing the theme from EastieThanksgiving05, EastieThanksgiving06, EastieThanksgiving07, EastieThanksgiving08, EastieThanksgiving09, EastieThanksgiving10, and EastieThanksgiving11, FunWiki is proud to present EastieThanksgiving12, an organizational page for EastieThanksgiving in 2012.

Thanksgiving is on November 22 this year and our dinner will be held in Sontag Lounge at 5:00 pm. If you are planning to attend, please add yourself to the list below. If there is some food item that you think is important for Thanksgiving, add it to the list of requested food items. If you are one of the lucky people who has the ability to prepare food, please list yourself there. If you don't think you have such skills, don't worry. We'll still find something for you to do.

Note: Historically, it's been about $8-$10 per person for EastieThanksgiving, and there are copious quantities of awesome leftovers. If you are cooking something, buy your own ingredients and turn the receipts into ScottRayerman?. Event attendees will be asked to split the total cost.

Note 2: ALLERGY WARNING -- As many of you know, there are people in the dorm with food allergies who may be attending EastieThanksgiving. Therefore if your dish contains any of the following, please either keep it separate from other foods or label it, as indicated below.

Note 3: VEGETARIANS AND VEGANS -- Vegetarians and vegans are likely to attend. Please clearly label vegetarian and vegan food as such. If you are a vegetarian/vegan, please mark your name with a v so we know how much tofurkey to get

Organization tips can be found at EastieThanksgiving/Organization (Courtesy of JamesBrown)

People Attending East Thanksgiving (Add yo' bad selves)

Requested Food Items

Assigned Food Items


Dinner will be at 5:00 pm in Sontag Lounge


Unassigned People Who Want to Help

People Who Have Borrowable Cooking Supplies

People Who Have Borrowable Kitchens

In general, make SURE kitchens are clean and have nothing missing after use.

People Who Can Donate Fridge Space

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