EdMiller (a.k.a. Edward Miller, and many other obsolete nicknames*cough* AstroBoy? *cough*), is currently a senior CS major sleeping and living in EastDorm. Room 128, to be specific. (Or I will be once the summer is over.) That makes 4 years living in East, 3 years of which I had a room there.

One of the few VolunteerTutors listed on Wiki.

Also the DormJock for the 2002-2003 school year. Everyone should come play. Homework, talent, and lack of talent are invalid excuses for not playing.

Random editorial comments:

He is the current head of barbecue planning, or, (occasionally), lack thereof.

Dward! Do we have a barbeque this week?

Considered scary by some, but really he's just a quiet, fluffy, somewhat oblivious guy. Probably considered scary only due to playing with a LeatherManWave? at times and teasing ArielBarton about various things.

He's really not very interesting.

....I'm really gonna have to disagree with that....

But he is a roolocikuppy!

No, he's not! That is a rooster, velociraptor, cat, and puppy simultaneously. He's not a velociraptor!

...But he has been known to be a T-Rex from time to time, which is like a velociraptor, only cuter...

He is, however, a neutrino.

He also, along with MichaelVrable, constitutes "yes".

He also reminds MarkEphair of Hitler. Why? I really don't know. (It was probably an argument in which I was using the techniques laid out in that one email forward.... Your ideas certainly do remind me of Hitler's... -- MarkEphair)

Which is kinda weird since he's dating RachelGabor, who is Jewish...

Sometimes he's even a tree. One would think that he would either be a tree or not, and not switch between the two. One would obviously be wrong.

- Nah, it just depends on whether he's cycling or not at any given time :->

one would indeed be wrong...the qualifications for tree-ness are not always met after all

Quote: "Anything involving an animal is expensive."

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