Edward is a jOsh!!!!

LOVES Modern art!!! If asked, will talk about Plato and Aristocroties for hours on end.

Sad rocket boi

ElonMusk? fangirl

Co-runs EastDormChat (discord) with BerlinPaez, BenLangton, and MarzBarnes

For FroshPrank 2019, had his room converted to a modern art exhibit, primarily by AvalonFeiler.

Is absolutely addicted to InNOut. Just admit it sosh, you have a problem.

Indexes from 1 (a.k.a is a true Engineer)

Builds operational model rockets

Has a commanding presence

Directs teams of people to build rockets

Was once the god / emperor of a highly militarized minecraft server (not even joking, people really respected his leadership)

Wears rocket T-shirts

Preaches historical wisdom to those brave enough to listen to him

Owns Lego Saturn-V model rocket

Has knowledge of sex

Like to lounge-res SpaceX? rocket launches

Drank the east kool aid too hard, lived in the Decapod over Covid, and then broke up with his girlfriend before retiring to South Dorm

Graduating with a job at SpaceX?

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