A specific Vrable that, when acted on by a linear operator, yields a multiple of the original EigenVrable. The constant of proportionality is the eigenvalue corresponding to the EigenVrable.

The set of all EigenVrables with a specific eigenvalue forms an EigenVrableSpace?. Note that this may be a null EigenVrableSpace?, consisting only of the null Vrable.

Uniqueness of EigenVrableSpace?s is left as an exercise for the reader. Bonus: Sketch the null Vrable.

EigenVrable is also the name of MichaelVrable's laptop. This name won out narrowly over vrablefish.

The term EigenVrable is yet another innovation brought to you by ConorMcNassar. This Wiki page, however, is not his fault.

It should be noted that discussion of EigenVrableSpace?s may lead to the invocation of the Infinite Number of Vrables Clause.

Tried hard, could not get stupid pun to work: VrableFish? => BabelFish? => TranslationOperator? whose eigenvector is not surprisingly EigenWord?

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