The ITR Fairy. Ejwu lived up to his name, and is no longer among us, although he still visits upon occasion. Founder of the CoNPiEB?. Well, sorta.

shouldn't that be the CoNPuEB?

Utterly boring. Has no relevance to anything whatsoever. Knows nothing about nothing, especially regarding StripWorms? and ItrGames. Widely believed to still have a PurityScore above 90.

haha, that's funny!

EjWu is coming back!!!!! Run frosh, Run and hide!

EjWu is back. Whee.

Out in Case now. Probably is a BitterSenior?.

see InvitedToRetire

"It's amazing what you can get people to drink by saying, 'Here, guess the ingredients. There's 11 of them.'" --EjWu


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