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Elizabeth came to Mudd because she didn't feel like getting dragged back home every weekend her freshman year and went out-of-state instead.

Once she got to Mudd, Elizabeth learned to ride a unicycle, solve a cube, and watch X-files (in that order). Now in her sophomore year, Elizabeth is recognized as thoroughly obsessed when it comes to X-Files, rides her uni to class, and stares at her cube sitting on her shelf. She also participates in Shaolin Kempo (Orange Belt), Emergency Response (T.A.), Intramural Sports (EastDorm Jock), Delta-H (Treasurer), SWE (sometimes), a local church, and is the newest "Representative to the Teaching and Learning Committee" for ASHMC. She is also a loyal Trekker and Star Wars fan, and loves to shower people (not in that order).

When she finds time, she does her homework and goes to class every once in a while.


Now that Elizabeth is a junior, she is still in Shaolin Kempo (Blue Belt, though), only does Emergency Response when they're having tests (yay, victims), turned Intramurals over to RachelGabor, still works with Delta-H (acutally got signed onto the account halfway through the semester), never goes to SWE any more, still goes to church, and is now the lone representative to the TLC. Good thing she started going before the end of the semester.

She's still a loyal Star Wars fan. She isn't sure whether she'll watch X-Files next year; David Duchovny isn't even going to pop his head in to say 'hi', so she has to decide whether watching Gillian Anderson (and Robert Patrick) will pay off dealing with Annabeth Gish (although she's better than the other partner they tried to stick Doggett with). She isn't sure if she'll watch the new Star Trek series, "Enterprise", next year because it's at an unconvenient time. She might try to borrow videos from MattLivianu?, if he tapes them.

Elizabeth finally decided to become an Engineering major instead of a Computer Science major. Note that there aren't any other upperclassmen Engineers actually living in East this year, although there are a few that are associated with EastDorm (ShamikMaitra, MarkEphair, and ShannonKelley). She spends lots of time at SouthDorm, but can often be found sitting in her room, doing homework. If you want to find Elizabeth, she's living where she did last year, in East 166 or 991. Note that she has the highest room number found on the residential side of campus.

Elizabeth wrote all this a week into her internship for the Summer of '01 while she was waiting for something to do. This has been an "I'm bored" message.


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