"My name is Natural Log, but you can call me Ln for short" - EllenFerranto, 2022.

FirstFloorEastie? from 2020-2022 (although the Coronavirus Pandemic forced everybody off-campus for 2020, she was still sorted into EastDorm), as of the 2022-2023 school year has become a ThirdFloorEastie living in SouthDorm with CatherinePhillips for the 2022-2023 school year (hey, the suites are nice). LoungeTroll in the 2023-2024 school year with RuthMueller! Proud member of CatSuite? summer 2023.

An Unholy Uncatholic Unboy, as some might call her.

If you were to combine Lieutenant Commander Data from Star Trek: The Next Generation with Gordon Freeman from the Half Life game series, and throw in some strange, discontented Victorian child, you wouldn't actually get Ellen at all, but you'd get something within an order of magnitude of what she is like as a person. Class of 2024 (making her a SoSh in 2022), Ellen is probably some kind of strange eldritch creature taking on human form (note her fangs), as well as the most recent DormHistorian (which she got by accident; nobody remembered the position existed, and so she managed to swipe it without anyone knowing).

Ask her to do her Toad voice. You will regret it. Can do a surprisingly good impression of ProfessorEckert.

May or may not be named "NatalieLoggins."

Generally knows everything about someone if they are dead (read: graduated), and has been known to have a weirdly detailed memory of DormHistory? off the top of her head. This may have something to do with her being an immortal vampire.

Avid Lagrangian, General Relativity, quantum physics enthusiaste. Despite looking like an experimentalist (thanks ProfessorSahakian) she's a theorist. Her love of strange classical mechanics formalisms is boundless, and apparently Lagrangians are the only thing to physically excite her, whatever that means.

Known partially for asking such deep and profound questions like: "what if I had a brick of negative two kilograms of mass?" "What if time was two-dimensional?" "When I walk around and the molecules in my body interact with the molecules outside, why do I not explode?" "What if I had a group closed under a trinary operation?" "What if there was a number 'j' such that 'j * 0 = 1'?"

You may call her President Lagrangians.

Designated spirit channeler.

As DormHistorian, Ellen has:

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