CubeSchnaider: Super-Gaussian Pelvic Thrusting...

EmilyCukier: Expialidocious?

(See also: BoardQuote)

It has recently been confirmed that Emily is, indeed, ClownMan. This eliminates all previous contenders, including IanTullis, AriNieh, and LinleyHall, who are all mostly likely ProudClod? as a result of this upset.
ShowerQuality's former pitch-pipe.
Warning! May not actually be a Malkavian.
Inventor of the worm quota variant of StripWorms?. Also the discoverer of stripped upper triangular matrices. (Although we have been informed that Gu actually said "strict upper triangular".) Went for the highest individual price at the most recent SlaveAuction after putting on a strip show. Fan of Adam Ant's "Strip".


No longer at Mudd. Currently studying biochemistry at the University of Chicago Biological Sciences Department. Has earned a masters degree; a Ph. D. may or may not be in the cards. Remains feeling woefully underprepared in biology and woefully forgetful of chemistry. Very rarely trolls Shmack under the name "M".

It's short for "eMily".


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