EmmaMagnetism, also known as EmMagnetism, is the attractive force that binds Themma together, particularly EmmaDavis, EmmaManning, EmmaMeersman, and (as of Fall 2013) EmmaCranston. When the three*** Themma are collinear*, EmmaMagnetism becomes particularly powerful; at these times it sometimes interferes with nearby devices, like TheHoch card reader thing and EmmaDavis's computer. It also breaks grammar. Any other people collinear with Themma also become Emma.

There has been much speculation about how to calculate what density of Themma in East would be necessary to pull FroshEmmaDavis? from North to East. The general consensus is that it probably involves trigonometry and inverse something laws.

My best guess is five Emma.

Also, all PreFrosh are named Emma.

When the majority of people in the room are named Emma (typically TimeSuckXVI or EastLounge), it's an EmMajority?.

Attempts have been made to correlate the Themma with various other trios. Currently, EmmaManning is wise ugly earth lettuce, EmmaMeersman is powerfully bad wind tomato, and EmmaDavis is courageously good fire bacon.****

At EastDormChristmas 2012, the Themma (as a group) were voted Dorm Better Everyday. The present was a set of corrective pens. Sadly, there were only two =(

 * This appears only to occur when Themma meet the traditional definition of "collinear," but since three Themma determine a line, 
   they are actually always collinear**, whether or not this appears to be the case.
 * * The fact that Themma are always collinear is known as the EmmaLemma?, as named by SarahScheffler.
 * * * It is currently unknown whether this effect still requires only three Themma, or all four. More research is required.
 * * * * Does that make EmmaCranston a chaotic neutral water toast?
See Also: AndrewSuite

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