A RolePlaying game run by SteveHaas, set in Dungeons and Dragons 3rd edition, which ran on Tuesday evenings in the PizzaPlace.

Recently concluded. I'm sure someone will get around to explaining exactly what happened at some point, but I really don't feel like trying to write the whole thing out. Needless to say, all major plot threads plus a few minor ones and a couple things that weren't plot threads at all were wrapped up, and the party lives happily ever, except perhaps for the minor detail that the head of the new pantheon is a tad annoyed with them and has warned them to be on their best behavior for a while... and the fact that the major plot enemy got away (and ascended to godhood)... and the whole inspiring-a-world-wide-crisis-of-religion... but other than that things worked out okay.

The complete story of the Enorethian Chronicles (which is still Under Construction) can be found at EnorethianChroniclesSummary.

Characters include-

Fallen comrades-

Comrades who have just gotten bored and left-

PomonaSteve shows his ChaoticNeutral? (with evil) tendencies by killing half the party.

Wait, what?

DM CAM: Flashback: The party is fighting an undead

  Um... great update you have here, PSteve.  Allow me to help you out:

Flashback: The party is fighting a powerful necromancer, who also happens to be a vampire. Three rounds into the fight (after two spell attempts that got counterspelled) the antagonist gets off a maximized Horrid Wilting. 200 damage, Fort Save DC 38 for half.

Kenny, Sean, Fylam, and Twitchy die. Twitchy is whisked away by a contingency, but it's post mortem, so it does little but make him harder to resurrect (because the body needs to be found first). Cynthia (the NPC wizard, by which I mean mostly repository of useful information for the party) also disappears in an unspecified fashion. Only Lenari and Seirun survive. Seirun polishes off the vampire the next round, whereupon it turns gaseous before crumbling into dust the next round.

Seirun and Lenari depart, bearing loot and corpses, via the astral plane and call in favors from epic NPCs, running across Katsukawa in the process. Cynthia shows up at some point and provides teleportation magic to reunite the party in a place where people can be resurrected. People are resurrected. Cynthia explains that she escaped via Elminster's Evasion, a stompy contingency-type spell for escaping crunches.

Twitchy decides that this sounds like a useful spell, and thus casts it on himself. One triggering condition is set to be "if I am forced to save versus death".

The party reunites and divvies up the loot. During this, the vampire's spirit, which was transfered to one of her magical items through a Magic Jar-type effect, possesses Twitchy, and attempts to masquerade as him until she can exact suitable revenge upon the party.

There is then a dead month where half the party goes off and takes the trials of epicness, thus becoming 21st level (epic) characters. Our vampire friend uses this time to research the person she now is.

The party, reunited (less two players who opted to remain in the grave) return to the scene of the crime to deal with a certain Armageddon Clock in that area.

Having found said clock, the party sets about destroying it. Meanwhile, an (illusory) wizard (and recurring antagonist, though the party didn't know that at the time), starts mocking them and teleports in a bunch of high-level fighters to deal with the party.

Twitchy runs up, and casts Wail of the Banshee; PomonaSteve had forgotten that, due to the change of ownership, he no longer had mastery of shaping and thus could not avoid targeting fellow party members like he normally could; he then realizes that he (she?) doesn't actually care.

The fighters keel over dead--as do Fylam and Seirun. The wizard mocks. Twitchy responds flippantly that two of the party and four bad guys works in his favor.

Lenari decides that enough is enough, poisons her rapier, walks up, and sneak attacks him, dealing 50 damage.

. . . exactly enough to force a save vs. death from massive damage. Remember that Elminster's Evasion? Allow me to quote a line from the spell description:

  "The spell pulls your mind, body, and soul if they have been seperated.  For example, if your soul is trapped in
   a Magic Jar when the evasion is triggered, your soul returns to your body.  (This breaks the Magic Jar spell.)"

Twitchy thus arrives at his tower, back in control of himself, with a serious wound in his back, poisoned, with no clue what happened (as the item he was trapped in spent the last month in a portable hole). At this point, the local friendly PC deity shows up and tells him he has some explaining to do, and explains to the party that they shouldn't kill him on sight. Twitchy then does said explaining, manages to convince the (remaining) party not to kill him, and thanks Lenari for trying to.

The DM spends the next large amount of time being amused.

 "Chrissie wear mithril dress to prom." - EvilSouthie (when discussing Blarg's family's backstory)
 "I never metal girl I didn't like?" - WillShipley

"What does the Jewel of Sovereignty do?" "Write better speeches?" - EvilSouthie's response to SteveHaas having fun with the king's speech

"So we need to find this jewel... are you looking for that on google?" - DanCicio, to CalPierog (he was, and found it, too)

"Blarg looks at you like you're stupid. And considering Blarg, that's saying something." - EvilSouthie, often

 "Hey, Steve, does your world have eBay?" -- AnonymousCoward
 "Let me think about that for a moment; NO!" -- SteveHaas

 Kenny (waking from a stone curse): "Was . . . was that Bob*, in the corridor?"
 Zane: "He used to be Bob."
 Kenny: "Well, what is he now?"
 Zane (pointing to portable hole): "Kibble."

 * "Bob" was a manipulative wizard who screwed the party out of their rightful loot over a year ago; a man more
   deserving of the kibble treatment has never been found.

 Seirun: I open the door.
 DM: You are staring, face to face, with a ferocious black dragon. It sits upon a gigantic mound of treasure, its
     mouth agape; surely the last sight of many a foolish band of adventurers.  Initiative?  Ok, you're up.
 Seirun: I use my gem of True Seeing.  Is it an illusion?
 DM:  Nope.  It's a dragon, all right.
 Seirun: . . . I close the door.

 PomonaSteve: "He's an illusion."
 SteveHaas (as NPC): "Oh, you didn't expect me to show up in person, did you? There's one of me, and five of you!"
 EvilSouthie: "Six."
 SteveHaas: *blink* "You brought a *GOD* with you??"
 EvilSouthie: "I'm only watching!"

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