An exceptionally fortuitous pairing of four Eastie frosh, which has remained (mostly) intact over three years, albeit now in a different dorm. Due to the presence of at least one copy of almost every video game system imaginable (not to mention a bunch of ROMs,) very little work gets done in Entropy proper.

EntropySuite interests include: RolePlaying, BunGe, bad martial arts movies, bad horror movies, running gags, floor-based storage of possessions and food items, Asian language and literature classes at PomonaCollege, BigBowl?, Narnia bashing, VideoGames (such as MegaMan?,) BunGe, bad musicals, ComputerScience, AnimE , and Yoshinoya's. We also used to sleep on the floor underneath our beds, but decided this was a BadIdea after multiple concussions.

Founded on the principle that delta S is not only greater than 0 here, but far greater than average. For a while, we had a theory that attempting to clean up one side of the suite would cause, say, a pile of books to topple on the other side.

Past and present Entropites include IanTullis, DavidHerman, JeremyLiu?, DanStone?, and RobertPatt?. AriNieh is the ambassador to EntropySuite from StinkingDogInn.

1997-1998: East 160,162

1998-1999: East 106,108

1999-2000: Linde 103,110,111

2000-2001: Linde 129,130,131,132


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