One of two Erics (ErikTarango). Spawned many frosh memes (see BrandonIce , HarryFetsch) and is the keeper of TheLore? . Approved dank memer and actually a lizard highpassing as a human. These are all true facts.

(on marrying a second cousin) "don't knock it til you try it"

Towering at an incredible 7'2" tall and weighing in at 105 pounds, EricChavez is a God among men. World famous for his InnerTubeWaterPolo? announcer skillzz, Eric Chavez shines as one of the foremost NewFrosh19.

For FroshPrank 2019, EricChavez had his room "String theory"d. Not sure exactly what that means.

Winner of the First (Annual?) East Dorm Donut Eating Competition, eating a disgusting 12 donuts in just 4 minutes.

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