ErikShimshock is the King of Unicycle Ninjas, handstand enthusiast, and inventor of Danceportation. He is remarkably popular with ScrippSies.

Particapated in the ChocolateNazi conversation in Chris^2's room (ChrisErickson and ChrisKay) early 4/29/04.

Witnessed the hanging of the TreeBra.

Was part of the rescue squad during the LegendaryDelTacoRun.

Some memorable lounge quotes:

"'Mommy, what is sex?' Sex is like clubbing baby seals."

 AndrewCampbell?: "I like my women like I like my CS."
 ErikShimshock: "On the computer?"

"No, Billy, it's not transportation, it's DANCEportation!"

EastDormProctor for 2005-2006. All hail!

One of the EastDormPresidents along with CalPierog for 2004-2005.


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