Known to occur approximately half way through any movie with an evil villain, just after said evil villain describes his undefeatable plan to take over the entire world. Things generally go downhill from there, until the super hero kills the villain shortly after said evildoer says, How could this have happened? My plan was perfect.

(Sometimes this "death" scene is followed by one of the GoodGuy?s saying Nobody could've survived that! if there's a sequel in the works...)

Spellchecking is a good thing.

Also: Buahaha! or Bwahahaha! or Muahahahaha! or Bohahahahahahahahahaha!

the EvilLaugh is an art. and like every art, it has its masters. most readers of wiki have not met the EvilLaugh grandmaster. but i have. he resides here in denver. i am using his computer. do not try to compete with his EvilLaugh. you will be destroyed. mark me well, for when the day of reckoning comes there shall be mercy for those who stand against him. so it is written.
The EvilLaugh is known to be very therapeutic.
I must contest this. As most Otaku know well, Jinnai (from El Hazard: The Magnificent World) has the greatest, most evil, and most maniacal laugh ever heard.

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