EvilSouthie has decided to start editing this page, as well. Whee, having two wikipages. Silly southie.

He writes and draws Braven at http://braven.keenspace.com, an online comic about what would happen if his role-playing characters came to live and started living with him. He also writes MuddPeople, a strip about life at HarveyMuddCollege. Part of what prompted him to start a comic strip was the large number of quality WebComics out there. He currently reads over one hundred strips regularly, and continues adding more. Ah, the joys of having crack to addict fresh new souls with. Aw, comeon, post the list. I really need more to read. Really I do. Uh huh. http://zane314.livejournal.com/207163.html#cutid1. Enjoy. (Ah, the joys of another satisfied customer)

He earned the nickname Evil Southie as a freshman during the first EastDorm party of the year. AiyeshaMa was helping set up something or another, I don't really recall what. Having brought a four by four RubiksCube?, EvilSouthie was immediately accosted by Aiyesha. Half an hour later, Aiyesha was turning around in circles, mumbling to herself, and spinning the edges of the cube. A crowd of Easties had gathered to watch her. Evil Southie was laughing his head off. Aiyesha began chanting "Eeeeeevil Southie. Eeeeevil!" And the name stuck.

Let it be known throughout the Wiki that EvilSouthie has accomplished the task he set out to do nearly a year ago. Through dire troubles, stormy plot events, petrification and poison, moogles and chocobos, EvilSouthie has now beaten all ten Final Fantasy games in order. Boo-ya. AllYourBaseAreBelongToUs? Somebody set up us the bomb!

Has recently had the idea to play another VideoGameRace with willing participants, with the possibility of making a habit out of it. SteveHaas and he played SuperMario64? as a race- it took EvilSouthie around 2 and half hours and SteveHaas around 3 and a half hours to beat it. Any challengers?

Used to work for XBox as a game tester. Well, through a temp agency, but still. Scared the programmers with how easily he finds game-breaking bugs. Speaking of, clicking on the backlinks of XBox used to report an error.

EvilTriumphs, GameChallenge

See also BrianRoney.

"Most eyebrows communicate. Yours just entertain." - ElizabethSchoof?

"You shouldn't trust me when I'm horizontal." - EvilSouthie

...*snerk* hee hee.... Wait, does this imply that we should trust you when you're not horizontal? I don't know if that's wise...

no, it only means that if we can trust him, he isn't horizontal.


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