This is a list to supplement the current GoodBooks list. It contains those books that I consider worthy of personal collection. This is quite an esteemed qualification, as I go through my bookcase every other year and throw out books I don't want any more (For instance, I gave away two normal shelves' worth of Piers Anthony a few years ago). The previous paranthesized comment also points out that I have an alternate definition of a shelf's worth of space. I stack my books sideways and two deep to cram extras into limited space. And I'm still running out of room on this fairly decently sized bookcase.

Anyway. To the books!

Series I suggest, along with where I recommend people start reading (usually the first book, occasionally not):

Individual Books, or Series that just haven't gotten enough books worthy enough to read to be worth listing as a series:

This is going to be edited some time when I actually go through my bookcase again and remember for sure which books are in the back. And they currently aren't sorted in any way, which I'd like to do but am not sure by what criteria. (Seriousness? Genre? Depressingness?)

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Last edited June 9, 2001 4:49 (diff)