This page is meant to reflect the ongoing fun in FairyTaleCampaign, from the Blacksmith's Apprentice's point of view. See also FairyTale.

-story start-

Most stories start with a hero. Somebody who is better, stronger, maybe braver than the average person. Somebody who will stand up to adversity and stare it in the eyes until it blinks. Somebody who will do what is right.

But that's most stories. This one starts with you. While you're certainly stronger than most people (blacksmithing _really_ beefs you up), you're really not the sort of adventuring person that ends up getting drawn into odd missions to save the world or such.

Which is what makes what happens next even the more unexpected.

It was a pretty usual day in the smithy. The master smith spent some time talking to customers and the rest working on the masterwork weapons and armor that the standard adventurers always seem to require. You'd think they'd get the idea that most of their loot goes into repairing their worn down weapons and armor and give up, but no, they're persistent. You kind of have to admire them for that, you suppose.

Today was a little different in that the master smith, being distracted by somebody who _absolutely_ needed armor as soon as possible and was willing to pay through the nose for it, gave you the assignment of making one of the swords that were in the queue.

So you got to it. You'd made swords before, but those were mostly practice and meant for students. This is the first time you've had to make a professional level weapon.

Amazingly, everything seems to come completely naturally to you. You are blown away as everything you do happens to come out just right. Normally even the master makes a few sloppy edges here and there where the customer won't ever possibly notice, but this sword is looking to be an absolute masterpiece.

Getting a little nervous about screwing something up now that you've done so well, you dip the sword in a softer quench than usual, then work your way up to the harder quenches. As the steam billows out of the liquid, you'd swear you heard a satisfied "Aaaaahhhhhhhhh." But that couldn't be, right?

"You know, we're going to be a good team. Have our quest picked out yet?"

Looking around, you see the forge empty other than you.

"Down here, silly. The sword."

You look at the sword.

"Congrats. You managed to make an intelligent sword. And quite a fine piece of work I am, if I do say so myself. I'm impressed. I do hope you'll be able to use me as well as you made me. Our quest will be a lot easier that way. You wouldn't believe some of the people intelligent swords get used by first. I'm glad I didn't get a barwench like my last friend."

Sitting down, you review.

1) You just made an intelligent sword. 2) It seems to think you're going to wield it. 3) It seems to think you're going to take it on a quest. 4) There is absolutely no way you're going to be able to sell a sword that has picked _you_ over the person you wanted to sell it to. 5) Your life has just gotten quite a bit more complicated.

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