Fays represents what is good in our lives. It is a fun melody of dog heads and human hands which leaves you amused time and time again. If you have not seen Fays, it is recommended to do so. I am quite fond of the 9th day. To 9, to all the days! It's really something that no one should go through life without seeing once. It's about 1/2 an hour long, so there should be no problem fitting it into your busy schedules.
I won't actually describe FaysTwelveDaysOfChristmas here, except to say that it is EvilIncarnate and a possible sign that the Apocalypse is near. If you ever happen to be in a room where you suspect that this movie is being shown, it's best to run away screaming like a maniac, or else you'll start hemorrhaging Sanity points like there's no tomorrow.
Wow...this page is empty. (I wonder what the eventual fate of that comment will be?) --Author unknown, eventual fate yet to be determined but intermediary fate getting more interesting.

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