A room in a quad dorm that is on the "inside" of that dorm's BackHall?, with its windows overlooking the courtyard. In EastDorm, generally refers specifically to the doubles with this property, rather than to UnderStair or ProctorSuite.

In some dorms (and in EastDorm once upon a time) these rooms are often left to frosh. In recent years however the East fishbowls have become hot property. Nearly all of them have been pulled in RoomDraw each year.

In 2018-2019, only the coolest frosh got placed in Fishbowl suites, this is an unspoken yet well-known and undeniable fact.

2018-2019 inhabitants:

EricChavez, EdwardJacobs, RyanMartinez, KyleRong (downstairs)

BerlinPaez, BenBracker, WillGilroy, CameronGray (upstairs)

2007-08 inhabitants:

ScottAlmond, HamsterBob, MattKeeter, PeterTu (downstairs)

AndreyShur, KevinYeung, DanielBujalski?, FlorianScheulen? (upstairs)

2004-05 inhabitants:

ErikShimshock, ArthurHall, ChrisRoberts, MichaelGilik? (downstairs)

AdamField, VictorWang, RaymondRyckman? (upstairs)

2003-04 inhabitants:

EliBogart, JohnnyLu?; ChrisWottawa, CalPierog (downstairs)

MikelGrenzner, ErikShimshock; JonathanBeall, ArthurHall (upstairs)

2002-03 inhabitants:

DanCicio, MichaelVrable; AlexBobbs, DanielKagan (downstairs)

NickCarbone, JeffBrenion; JoseluisEspinosa, AndrewCampbell?; TamaraReimer, RachelGabor (2nd Semester) (upstairs)

2001-02 inhabitants:

MinervaWelling, EmmaBoyer; MarySullivan, PamelaRettig (downstairs)

JoseluisEspinosa, EricAngell; Chad Foerster, MattBeaumont (upstairs)

2000-01 inhabitants (FunBallSuite):

AndrewSchoonmaker, JustinPava; EricBrown, DanSmith (downstairs)

MattBrubeck, BenZeckel; MartyWeiner, GeoffRomer (upstairs)

CubeSchnaider lived in UnderStair this year, completing four years of fishbowls.

1999-2000 inhabitants:

JustinPava, ShamikMaitra; CubeSchnaider, MikeLane (downstairs)

JoshMiddendorf, Gabe Reyes (September) MicahSmukler (rest of the year); AndrewSchoonmaker, AlexWilkins (upstairs; AngbandAndPuritySuite)

1998-1999 inhabitants:

KurtDresner, RoyShea; CubeSchnaider, MikeLane (downstairs)

MattBrubeck, Antonio Medrano; SteveRayhawk (fall), AndrewSchoonmaker (spring), AlexWilkins (upstairs)

1997-1998 inhabitants:

AndyOlson, ZekeBurgess?, IanSchempp, CubeSchnaider

1996-1997 inhabitants:



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