Started when KurtDresner wanted to host a party in his room freshman year. The only song was MeetHerAtTheLoveParade, and AriNieh did his analysis homework on the floor. Contrary to what the name might suggest, the party was in fact 9:32 long, due to that being the length of MeetHerAtTheLoveParade. FiveMinuteDanceParties are in fact preferably referred to as InstantParties, because of their spontaneous nature, and indeterminate length.

Perhaps the most interesting feature of InstantParties is the traditional ending. As soon as the last song ends, the lights are turned on and all people attending the party are forcibly ejected through every available exit. At the end of such a party, be near an exit or prepare to be sqwooshed.

During their first year in East, GsixtyThree threw lots of these parties, the most notorious being the WindowBreakingIncident. Other suites, including StinkingDogInn and TheIrrationalRoom, took up InstantParties as well. FroshCloneSuite threw one near the beginning of last semester (Fall 2001). Some of these parties were in fact planned far in advance(We deny it completely! We were always spontanious. Lies! LIES! LIES!!!! -TheIrrationalRoom), contrary to the traditional spontaneity of InstantParties. G63's InstantParties almost always occur within an hour after someone decides to throw one.

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