FNORD is basically a Raspberry Pi connected to an authentic Wells-Gardner arcade monitor and a bunch of arcade controls. It can play pretty much every arcade game ever, courtesy of [MAME].

It is currently available in the lounge!!!, curated by ZoeWorall and KaviDey (see also his work on Monolith)!
Previous victims-- er, I mean, maintainers include BenBracker, MorganConbere, BenJencks, and AndrewFarmer.

Related Stupidity

Restoration & Maintenance

[All Documentation Available Here!!]

Oh gosh ah, nevermind actually. They're making all us alumni delete all our Google drive files. RIP. Well I tell you what, I'm downloading the files to a hard drive, so shoot an email to bbracker@hmc.edu if you need these (assuming they don't kill our emails too, ahhh!)

Future Work?:

Fall 2021 updates:

Fall Break 2019 update:

Thanksgiving Break 2019 update: After 2 days of fearsome learning and debugging, the Raspberry Pi shows rudimentary functionality! I.E. it has successfully emulated Asteroids (via Advance MAME) and received joystick input (via the Petrock [Control Block]) to control the game.


Approximate specs (as of 2009):

Current Specs (as of 2022-present):


FNORD is actually not the first the arcade machine to have graced the halls of East. Scrapbook photos show evidence of an Atari Gravitar and Centipede!

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