The popular SontagFrosh euphemism for the making of babies, the sexual activity, the whatchamacallit, the thingamajig...

May have emerged during one of the SontagFrosh's spectacular dinner conversations. I believe the origin went something a bit like this:

"Two people go *insert hand motions of hands clapping together* boom! And a baby comes out!"
"You mean like FootBall?"

This leads to all sorts of hilarity.

Meanings of certain FootBall terms:

Fumble - Miscarriage (MattPrince)
Interception - Adultery (AlexEng)
Sacking the Quarterback - ... (AlexEng)
Field Goal - ... (AlexEng)

Apparently, AlexEng has a very dirty mind when it comes to FootBall.

One wonders what the World Cup would euphemise.

Quotes involving FootBall:

"Though football being the world's most popular sport makes so much sense now..." - MariaMorabe

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