Francis is a really cool guy and a big freak who was nonetheless JustSubtleEnough to get selected as EastDormProctor in 1997-1998.

Affiliated with the legendary ItrSuite, he now currently resides in BostonMass, where he is happily married, taking karate, not getting enough sleep, and occasionally working on some kind of engineering PhD at MIT that involves airplanes. Francis has no idea how or why his life has anything to do with airplanes; on the upside, he is now quite happy that he can terrify others with tales of the irrationality and shuddering fragility of our nation's air transportation system.

In case anyone is curious (come on -- I know you are), Jen and Francis actually live in Lynn, which is north of BostonMass and south of Salem (of witch trial fame). Lynn has a bad reputation:

	"Lynn, Lynn, City of Sin,
	 You won't come out the way you went in."
	"Lynn, Lynn, City of Sin,
	 If you don't have a record, they won't let you in."
... In fact, these particular rhymes have given Lynn such a bad name (well, the rhymes, plus the Hell's Angels and the poverty) that the City Council tried to rename the town to Ocean Park:
	"Ocean Park, Ocean Park,
	 No one gets out after dark!"
... Although in truth, Jen and Francis have found it's a fairly nice town with fairly nice people. Apparently the Hell's Angels and the poverty were an 80's fad.

We all know that paranoia is a sickness, yes? And we've all heard, It's not paranoia if they're really out to get ya! What's the obvious conclusion? -- Stalkers for A Healthy America (SfaHaHaHa!)


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