This is a movie with a twist on a time travel theme. There is a ham radio that is allowing frequencies to travel between time so that a father and his grown up little son can talk to each other. It's very interesting and attributes this strange phenomenom to StringTheory. It doesn't talk much about the science behind it because it's not much of a science fiction. The movie involves saving lives, solving crimes, and bonding between family.

KimEspinoza says that this movie is terribly interesting. If you are not a stupid person, you will enjoy it. (Stupid = thinking you are so smart that you find holes in the movie.) It just gets more and more interesting. Plus, the main character is kind of cute... but only kind of. I recommend renting this movie. And so does my mother!

KevinOelze thinks this is a movie that isn't particularly well known, but I find it very very enjoyable. I haven't seen it since I came to Mudd, so I'm sure trying to poke holes in the science is probably pretty easy. Has some nice twists about how changing the past can change the present.


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