The most awesome futon ever!

Used to live outside East 106. Currently lives outside the lounge. Is the meeting location of SnuggleSHMC?.

Belongs to DavidLingenbrink and/or AricHunter. Owned by EricLangman and then HomeworkSuck before being passed on to MeganWheeler and XandaSchofield before eventually being donated to the world at large.

Recently got a makeover: instead of being sketchy and faded and blue and broken, is now awesome and brown and stripey and really broken! Yay!

Is broken, a magnet, a trap, and an addiction (also possibly a cult). (Should have) lead to the formation of the support group Fruton-Sitters Anonymous.


0. Don't be a jerk.

1. No sketch.

Frequent sitters include:

Fruton frosh ('14): DavidLingenbrink, SamGutekunst, AudreyMusselmanBrown, RebeccaThomas, SidraHussain, AbigailJaneGregory, JakeLow.

Upperclassmen: AnnJohnston, AaronPribadi, MeganWheeler, BryanVisser, StephanieLevins, MaddyOng, ChrisFerguson, AllisonCard, NikkiPeck.

See FredQuotes

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